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English language books

World War II
German Women´s Auxiliary Services

by Gordon Williamson / "Men-at-Arms" Series, Osprey Publishing/
ISBN 1-84176-407-8

The book shows German women in a range of uniforms as auxiliaries with the Army, Navy, Air Force and SS. It explains and illustrates these organisations and their uniforms and insignia, as well as Red Cross nurses and auxiliaries of the Labour Corps, Customs Service, National Socialist Women´s Organisation, and League of German Maidens (Bund Deutscher Mädel / BDM).


The German Home Front
1939 - 45

by Brian L. Davies / "Elite" Series, Osprey Publishing/
ISBN 978-1-84603-185-4

This book outlines and illustrates German civilian life in World War II: the structure of the Nazi state and the huge range of duties - from farm and factory labour to vital air-raid services.


Mothers in the Fatherland: Women, the Family and Nazi Politics

by Claudia Koonz / Publisher St. Martin´s Griffin /
ISBN 0312022565

This books presents the history of women´s role in Nazi politics, power and growth. It explores how women could support a movement that opposed women´s equality.

From Publishers Weekly

"Working from public and private archives, Koonz analyzes in depth the question of women's participation in the Third Reich and concludes that Nazi women, no less than men, 'destroyed ethical vision, debased human traditions and rendered decent people helpless.' "


Frauen : German Women Recall the Third Reich by Alison Owings ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I lived under Hitler

by Sybil Bannister / Publisher Rockliff/
ISBN-10: 014024672X
ISBN-13: 978-014024672

A story about an English woman marrying a German doctor who leaves her at the outbreak of WW II. She stays in Germany, being accepted by the Germans to find herself living in the Eastern Territories (today Poland). On arrival of the Russians she manages to catch the last train to the West.


Fashion under the occupation
Dominique Veillon
ISBN 1-859-73543-6

Excerpt of the preface:

We are a female group ran by women of WARS providing an opportunity for all women regardless of group to work together. To work with FRAU or indeed become a member or affiliate, we only require you have public liablity insurance paid to a group/association and can prove this on request. If you do, then we are happy to work with you. We portray all aspects of Third Reich womens roles, from mother to DRK to Reichspost. We attend many shows country wide as well as in Europe and Russia. There is no age limit, but we ask that hair colour, piercings etc. are authentic or removed. That make up is kept to a minimum and that you strive to improve your impression/s with time. We are a non-political historical group. We do not support racism, intolerance or other extreme views. We do not seek to glorify the Second World War or extreme political ideology.
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